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The Pure Genius

A grilled cheese variant. Vegetarian.

Boulle of sourdough bread [local market]
Half an (California?) Avacado, mostly ripe
Butter [Cabot]
Vegi-Ham [Lightlife Smart Deli]
Roasted Red pepper [B&G, in a jar w/ light vinegar]
Cheese: ~3Tbs Monteray Jack [Cabot], ~3Tbs Sharp Cheddar [Cabot]

Slice Bread- use 3rd + 4th slice in to get good size pieces.
Slice avacado lengthwise into strips.
Put ~2Tbs butter in pan and heat med-high until melted. Note: I used a cast iron pan.
Swab bread in butter, both sides, until evenly distributed.
Place bread flat in pan and heat until lightly toasted (this will be inside of sandwich.)
Turn down heat to Med.
Reserve one slice, flip other in pan.
Place cheese on bread in evenly mixed distribution. I chose slices, but strips might work better.
Place 2 slices of the ham in pan. Cook about 15 seconds, or until ham is very hot, flip and cook another 15 seconds. Put onto sandwich (I layered, as the bread was quite large, but folding would work well for smaller breads.)
Put other bread slice on sandwich, flip in pan to toast other side.
Add red pepper to pan near end of toasting- heat but DO NOT COOK OUT JUICES!
Once sandwich is well toasted remove, placing ham side up.
Top ham with pepper.
Spread avacado over pepper, replace top bread slice.

I considered, in my initial run, adding mayo to this, but was glad I opted against it- it doesn't need it at ALL, due to the excess of avacado.

I had this sandwich with water. Definitely best while still piping hot!
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